How can we help??

Are your awesome clients waiting on their photo gallery?

Your busy, your clients are waiting, and you just don't have the time.  Thats where we can help.  As a fellow photographer I know how easy it is to get behind and have deadlines.  I work very hard to have quick turnaround to get you and your clients satisfied!  

We retouch in photoshop

We retouch exposure, temperature, contrast, shadows, highlights, and more to create a clean crisp image.  If you request a more creative look, we also provide a trendy edgy look that is popular with seniors.  We remove bra straps, blemishes, and tan lines.  


Your first edit is FREE!  If your happy with my work, we will start the process.  

Simple Edits, Color Correction and Light Skin Retouching- 

$2.00 image/15 image minimum

Composites, Bra strap removal, back drop extending, heavy facial retouching, creative editing-

$3.50-an image

Invoices via PayPal, and images sent and received via Dropbox.